Party Paté

1 medium onion
1 or 2 cloves garlic (you decide)
1/2 lb cold butter, cut into 8 squares
1 lb chicken livers (the ones with
a yellowish sheen are sweeter!)
2 tbs whipping cream
2 tbs Cognac
Freshly ground allspice
Freshly ground pepper
Bay leaves for garnish

Chop onions, garlic in food processor until very fine. Microwave 1 to 2 minutes. Remove, set aside. Melt one square of butter over high heat in a frying pan. Reserve remaining butter in fridge. When butter is bubbling, add livers (don’t stir too vigorously, so liver can brown but not burn). Cook until well browned but slightly pink inside (about 7 minutes). Remove livers, set aside to cool. Add onion & garlic to pan and stir to collect brown bits and caramelize onion mixture. Add cream and Cognac, stirring constantly to deglaze pan. Wait for mixture to cool slightly. Place liver, onion cream mixture in food processor and, using cutting blade, begin to process. Add butter one square at a time until smoothly incorporated. Add allspice, pepper and salt to taste. Pack pâté into a serving dish and decorate with bay leaves. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight...

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