Recipes that make YOU look like a star! Easy to prepare and wine-friendly, using fresh, seasonal ingredients – good stuff you can actually find where you shop.

You can always rely on these original recipes, tasted, tested and terrific, for gracious entertaining, for simple, healthy meals, and for fun in the kitchen.

The Wine Express tasting panel is always happy to put its palate on the line for you.

And now, without further ado, please allow us to present just a few examples of Lavell’s work to whet your appetite, paired with wine suggestions from Frank to wet your whistle.

Bon appetit and skol!

Va Va Va ’Shroom NEW!
Deliver The Goods
Simply Peachy Salad
One Really Hot Chick
Yummy Mummy’s Nummies
Bean There, Done That
Spriggy Spring Soup
Won’t-a Last-a Pasta
Remains of the Day
Berry Good Morning
In A Jam
Pie in the Sky
Ghoulish Goulash
Salad Days of Summer
Advocating Avocado
Besotted Salmon
On the Lamb Again
Grape Expectations
Hash It Up! 
Triple-Treat Compote
Gâteau Pruneau
Cool Chick Salad!
Vine Dining!
Go, Go, Escargots!
Happy Hopping
Cool Chick
Corn Porn
Skinny Dip
Fish Delish
Chicken Itzá
La La Lamb
Hasty Tasty Pasta
Good Pud
The Quick and the Bread
Beet The Heat Soup!
Can't Cut the Mustard?
Feeling Parsnippity
Cluckin' Cool Curry
Load of Tripe
Faisan a la Maison
Poire & Poireau
S-o-o-o Corny!
A Peel of Onions
On the Lamb
Plum Ducky
Thanks for the Shanks
Fast & Fruity
Party Paté
Slaw de Dah
Get Sticky
Let's Fool Around!
Poule Party!
Sweet Mac Attack
Thighs Matters!