Cut the Mustard Recipe Card

Triple-Treat Compote

2        apples peeled and sliced
         with core removed
2        pears same size as the apples
         peeled and sliced with core removed
2        plums same size as the apples with pits          removed
1 cup    blueberries (to make this a Canadian dish)
1/2 cup  white wine to boil this delicious          concoction (Keep an eye on it. It might need          more wine!)
Cinnamon and fresh-grated nutmeg to taste.

We made this compote in France at a friend’s farmhouse. There were fresh figs, too! The blueberries are substituted here for the figs. Simmer the ingredients until they are soft. We served this as breakfast with the local yogurt. We also used it as chutney with...